PON review and impact 2020


This report includes a review of the Personal Outcomes Network (PON), established in 2015. It  includes a brief history, an overview of membership, hosting and the co-ordinating group. The  main focus is on what we know about our outcomes and impact based on recent evaluation. It was written by Emma Miller.

Key Learning 

Our approach to evaluation is still evolving. For now, some key learning points are as follows: 

  • We continue to shape development of the network through monitoring our outcomes. We  can now use our outcome map (see appendix) to support this and also zoom in to look  at specific connections between structures, processes and outcomes (page 9).  
  • We have learned that modelling an outcomes approach contributes towards better  outcomes for members. Through valuing the assets that members bring and striving to  enable them to have a voice, it is possible for people to feel valued as well as feeling  more informed through attending.  
  • We have learned more about how process outcomes (listened to, respected) connect to  change outcomes (confident, knowledgeable) in contributing to changes in practice.  Specifically, we have also learned that the sense of belonging associated with the  network adds to this, and also how all of that contributes to motivation to change. 
  • Members facing geographical and time challenges told us that they needed to feel more connected without  attending events. Moving to online engagement from Spring 2020 has improved connections. 
  • The diversity of the network is valued by members and this appears to be because of the  connection and learning opportunities as well as wider change seeming possible.  

For more information about the network please contact PON@nes.scot.nhs.uk