Family Support Worker 2

How have you been able to keep a focus on what matters to people during COVID? 

I sometimes found keeping that focus difficult amidst the changes and everything  that was happening. The working from home I found challenging but has helped with my health and well-being and created a new routine for me. Using technology as a lifeline to my manager and colleagues helps reduce the feeling of isolation from the outside world. 

What have you had to do differently and what made this possible? 

I’ve had to adjust to more online working and video calls using equipment provided from work. This took some adjusting – as I find the constant changes in technology difficult at  times I do ask for help with this. 

Keeping to a routine for working at home I found it was important to get up and get  started have breaks and a proper lunch break. I try each day to go a short walk. I have been doing mindfulness as well as getting support from my manager. 

What have you noticed that has been better?

Workers have remained connected with the children young people and their families. Meetings and communication have been moved to online. Measures have been taken to spread staff out to minimise the risk from the virus and making sure they have access to different items of PPE.

How did this make you feel?

This is good that employers are making changes in order to safeguard workers and our service users. Thus making me feel confident I can continue to do my job safely.

What have you learned through this?

I did find it difficult adapting to a new way of working however maintaining positive relationships and team working has helped me in my coping skills and creating a new working routine. Keeping in touch with management and, having conversations and sharing worries has helped me in my role in offering support and care to the most vulnerable families.