The Personal Outcomes Network

The Personal Outcomes Network is a national cross sector group with membership from across health, social care, education and housing. Members work in a wide range of roles but share a common passion for developing and implementing personal outcomes approaches locally and nationally. The Network is an open group based on self-organisational principles. It holds quarterly Meetings and aims to offer a safe place for reflection and sharing of practice through stories, learning, resources and evidence.

Want to join?

If you are interested in joining the Personal Outcomes Network, would like to attend future meetings, or wish further information on it, contact:

The Co-ordinating Group

Members of the smaller Co-ordinating Group gather evidence of practice change and issues to share with Network members.

Working in this collaborative and evidence based way, the Network and its Co-ordinating Group aim to advance work around personal outcomes in Scotland by inspiring, energising and influencing each other and wider stakeholders.

The Network aims:

  • To support workers and organisations across health and social care focus activity on the outcomes that matter to people using support
  • To develop a wider and more consistent understanding of personal outcomes approaches
  • To develop and embed personal outcomes approaches involved in health, social care and related services
  • To help enable national partnerships and organisations to share knowledge and experience
  • To influence the future development of policy and practice in relation to personal outcomes.


Personal Outcomes Network = Our Outcomes and Impact

Features of the Network - all opinions valued, space for discussion, diverse membership

Process outcomes - valued, respected, listened to, sense of belonging (new)

Change outcomes - improved understanding, improved confidence, shared understanding, improved motivation(new)

Changes to processes and practice - improved engagement with people using services and staff and with policy

As a network we’re committed to listening and responding to our members and to making sure we’re informing our offer with evaluation. We’ve undertaken two evaluations – one light touch in 2017 and one more in-depth in 2020.